About us

Why We Decided To Create This Dating Review Site

Without doubt the internet has shaped the way people can communicate, connect and get to know one another in terms of dating and relationships. The Christian dating category is no exception with a large number of dating sites aimed at christian singles all over the world as well as here in the UK. With so much choice available how do you decide which site is the best for you? Large versus small, international versus local, it can be very confusing! Which is why we created this christian dating comparison review site. Our goal is to provide some basic information about the sites we review to help people like you be better informed about which christian dating site is potentially right for your needs.

What Does This Site Offer

Our team reviews and shares their experiences of the christian dating sites they have tested. They then provide a short, independent review of who the site is aimed at, how to join, types of memberships available, key features and more. We then give each site a rating as well as rank them in order to provide site visitors with more helpful information.

Is The Site Free To Use?

Yes the site is totally free to use. We value the review concept of this site highly and believe that all christian singles should be able to use our site to guide their decision making process to find a dating site that matches their needs and interests. Whilst the site is free to use it does cost money to set up and operate. To cover our operating costs and to keep the site free to use, we have affiliate relationships with the websites that appear in our ranking. This means we might make a commission on any subscriptions taken out on these sites that originate from our site. This way we can meet our costs of providing the service and our customers will receive objective and interesting information, all totally free.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a faith driven loving partner and hope that the christian dating sites featured on this site might help you in your search for happiness.


The Review Team