How to create a good Christian dating profile

How to create a good Christian dating profile

How to create a good Christian dating profile
March 1, 2021

For some it is still taboo, but Christians can also choose to use the services of dating sites and in this way get in touch with nice men and women with whom they can possibly have a serious date, start a serious relationship and much more. In most cases, you will be using a dating site related to Christianity. In such cases it is of course important to put together a good dating profile that fits on this site. What should you pay attention to?

First of all, it is advisable to post a profile text that mainly radiates positivity. Keep the tone positive in your text. Even if you are desperate to find a partner, or you hate your ex or you have had terrible dating experiences in the past, your dating profile is not the right place to write about it. It's also a good idea to explain things in a positive way. For example, don't list things you don't like in a potential partner. List things you do like.

When writing a good profile text, it is good to show that you already have a life of your own, let your life be led by the Lord and not desperately wait for a new partner to “save you”. For example, you can show that your life mission is not only to find a partner, but that you have all your own interests in life anyway. If you want to express that you would like to meet other single Christians, then it might be advisable to write something subtle about that as well. For example, you can indicate that you enjoy going to the Bible study or that you enjoy interacting with children during the church children's club.

It's also important to be honest when posting on your dating profile. If you are on a date and are 20cm shorter than you were told, or 30kg heavier than your profile picture suggests, your first date is likely to fail. As a true Christian it is always wise to let the truth prevail, this will also help you have a successful date and more. A relationship between two people is also based on trust and lying about such basic information in your dating profile is a real turnoff. How can the other person trust you in the bigger things in life further in the relationship? So keep it fair.

You might also want to be specific in your profile text. It is much easier to become interested in someone if you are more specific in your profile text. If you love to travel: tell about your favorite destinations or what activities you want to do while traveling. Because if you say that you like to travel, for some people it may mean that you are on a beach in Mallorca, while for others it means that you enjoy hiking in the mountains or taking cultural city trips. So if you're writing very specifically about your interests, it's much easier to find that soulmate of yours who likes the exact same things you do.

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