Christian myths surrounding online dating

Christian myths surrounding online dating

Christian myths surrounding online dating
March 1, 2021

Especially among Christians, there are quite a few Christian myths surrounding online dating. And they usually reveal something about the human heart condition.

You often hear a single Christian say that they would like to marry someone in the church. Are you a member of a large congregation? Do you have a lot of contact with single peers within your church? Then you are blessed. But then you are also an exception. In most churches you will unfortunately find little space for singles. In fact, within the church, singles experience that "being married" is the norm, so that they often feel like an outsider. On a Christian dating site, people share, pray and encourage together. Bible studies are held and activities are organized. The result is a close fellowship of Christian singles.

Some people feel that they are very damaged and will never find a good partner again. It really happens regularly that people no longer have any hope of ever finding someone again. This may be because they are deeply disappointed with God or other people, or because certain trauma is still too fresh. Some even believe that being single is a punishment from God. But nothing could be further from the truth, by praying God will lead you to find the right one, even if you have a less rosy past. It may also be that you yourself are not ready for a new relationship. Maybe it takes time. But if you are open to recovery, God will initiate the recovery process. And sometimes He uses the fellowship of a Christian dating site for that.

Some single Christians say they will wait for God to give them someone. Of course, it is always great when you put your trust in the Lord, even when it comes to finding your life partner. You probably spend your desires in prayer regularly. And that is exactly what singles can do best. Let God guide your life. But that doesn't mean you should passively wait for someone to fall from the sky.

Some people believe that people on dating sites are desperate. It is good to know that almost 100% of singles would also like to be in a relationship. It is therefore nonsense to call someone desperate just because he decides to pursue his desire. In fact, subscribing to a dating site offers you the greatest chance of success. Someone who signs up on a dating site is not desperate, just smart, because a lot of serious relationships arise on dating sites.

Some people think they join a dating site to find the love of their life. People now live in a world where everything must indeed happen "quickly". Everything should be done today rather than tomorrow. Modern media has also made human life a lot more efficient, which unfortunately often comes at the expense of depth and patience. Dating apps make it easy to rate hundreds of singles per day with a simple swipe based on just one photo. However, it is important for a Christian not only to judge someone based on a photo, but also to get to know the person better. You can only do this by dating each other. You can first virtually date and if there is a click you can meet. Take the opportunity to get to know each other well and decide for yourself if he / she is the one you want to share your life with.

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